Bulk Email

Bulk Emailing Solution – A Successful Way to Manage & Update Address List, Segregate Content, and Check Response

Yantratech’s bulk email distribution solution has become the buzzword in email marketing programs where emails are sent to large number of people — en masse. Sending bulk emails can eat away your time and make the entire process extremely laborious. Doing manual can also incur errors and escalate your cost on email marketing strategy. With Yantratech’s bulk email system, you can ease your emailing hassles.Emails are often used by small, medium, or even giant corporate groups to interact with their customers. It is often used as a means to rope in new customers or fetch investments from the existing ones. Being affordable, efficient, quick, and effective, bulk emails are used as a marketing strategy by almost all companies. Through bulk emailing, you would be able to:

  • Get a maximum Return of Investment (ROI)
  • Interact with potential customers directly
  • Quickly get the required results

And, if you select Yantratech’s email distribution option, you would be able to:

  1. Use the bulk email system effortlessly
  2. Prepare email campaign, list building, tracking, and reporting of the campaign
  3. Measure the email campaign output
  4. Analyze or track results analytically
  5. Gain customer loyalty as bulk email system is methodical and efficient
  6. Interact with the customers one-on-one – i.e. take care on a personal level
  7. Make your emails custom-made

Design the template, use communication techniques, integrate address books, database, or calendars, and segment the email address list

Caution: Sending bulk emails unsolicited can annoy the receiver. You can get embroiled in a spam if you don’t send bulk emails to the right people. Yantratech’s solution on bulk email management helps to manage emails, contact addresses, and consequently, makes the email marketing technically legal and viable.

Yantratech’s bulk emailing formulae is more than just an emailing tool. Apart from sending emails, its highly sophisticated and automated system also helps in:

  1. Updating multiple mailing addresses – continuously
  2. Providing templates that are ready-for-use, branded, and attractive
  3. Giving you the option of designing e-newsletters, well-decorated emails
  4. Compiling an image of the subscriber
  5. Grouping subscribers depending on their interests, buying inclination, and market segment
  6. Sending multiple variation of the master email
  7. Building customized address list through “List Building” option
  8. Targeting a market segment depending on the product, customer base, requirement, and so on

And, the entire process is automated. New mailing lists are created depending on your requirement. Additionally, the emailing solution tracks “Click-Through” responses. These are further analytically evaluated and placed in tables, graphs, and charts for you to see the exact result of the campaign.

You can perform as many campaigns you like and check the response for each campaign. Versatile, efficient, and user-friendly, the bulk email system judiciously updates the required mailing list depending on your specifications and sends the emails. Naturally, you get a valued support, confidence, and loyalty from your customers. The solution seamlessly integrates with your office communication system. It is reliable enough to fetch correct results. It also does not require maintenance as the entire process is automated.